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We’re going to look at the best options for watching free movies and free TV shows online. This is yet another way that you can save money, you don’t always need to rent movies or even pay a subscription to get access to some great free entertainment.

All the sites listed here are legitimate free entertainment sites with some great selection of movies, tv shows, sports and even live tv. You will be surprised at the amount of free entertainment that is available for you to stream and most won’t even require a credit card on file.

There has never been a better time to watch free stuff, between all of the options that are available you should have no trouble finding something for your taste.

Free Movies on the Internet


Showing some free movie selections from the IMDb website. Drive, Elite Squad, 71, The General, Silver Linings Playbook, Nebraska, Rainman and a few others.
In addition to the great review site, IMDb also offers free movies and tv shows with ads.

IMDb is a very well known movie review site that’s been around for, well, a really really long time. Their official first year as an internet movie database, it is what the IMDb acronym stands for, was in 1996.

But the most important and relevant part in this context is that it now also offers free movies for your leisure. So not only do you get their movie review score, but you also get the movie with it.

All you need is to register with IMDb or use one of the other logins you may already have (Amazon, Facebook or Google) and you’re in.

Check the free ad-supported movie selection from IMDb here

The Roku Channel

Free movies from The Roku Channel, Dodgeball and Walk the line are featured, then Hope Springs, No Reservations, Dr Dolittle, Windtalkers and a handful others.
The Roku Channel has solid selection of free ad supported content.

Coming from the company that has been making little online video streaming boxes for your TV since 2008 is a whole new free to watch channel called The Roku Channel.

It’s online offering has a selection of some 10,000 free movies as well as free TV shows, they even have free sports, live TV and a whole family and kids section too. That’s quite a lot of free content.

Check out the free movies on The Roku Channel


Free movies from Tubi:, Good Deeds, Belly, The Whole Truth, Next Day Air and a few more
Tubi library of free movies is continuously growing with over 50 categories to pick from.

Tubi is a channel that plays 100% free movies and free TV shows. They’ve been around since 2014 and have always been a free ad supported service. The channel has over 12 thousand titles in their streaming library with over 50 categories and the size of their library is only growing so you should definitely check it out.

You will not need a credit card and can watch free content with ads:

Check out the Free Movies and Shows on Tubi

They even have some exclusive titles listed here:

Exclusive free movies from Tubi


This shows free movies from Vudu, there is Journey to the Center of the Earth, Ant Bully, Gravity, Storks and a lot more.
Vudu offers a great selection of free titles in their library.

Vudu provides a streaming service where you can watch new releases and early titles but the best part is that they have a nice free movie section. There are close to 5000 free movies, some 300 TV shows, even some 130 stand-up comedy acts all part of the free online offering.

That’s a lot of free entertainment to keep you busy for weeks.
Watch free movies on Vudu (thousands of movie and TV show titles with limited ads):

Check out the Vudu Free categories here

Or jump directly to the new movie section


Series page from the Timeline website with free documentary series: Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty, Britain's Bloody Crown and a few more.
Timeline offers a fine library of free documentaries from British tv networks.

The website was created by Little Dot Studios and offers free history content. A nice selection of free made for TV documentaries and even a few series from sources such as BBC, Channel 4, Discovery and PBS. A real treat if you’re into history.

Check out free documentaries on the Timeline site


A screenshot from the hoopla digital website showing some available movies.  The Lady Vanishes, Dark Places, Forever, Drunk Parent, Ex Machina and so on.
Get access to free movies and TV shows on Hoopla with just your library card, no ads.

With Hoopla, you can borrow movies and TV shows for free by signing up with your local library card. You will need a library card number and a pin number to create an account. They offer lots of ad-free digital content including audiobooks and music. The movie selection is good, many titles relatively obscure but there are also many mainstream movies there as well.

YouTube Channels with Free Movies

You can find some quality legal and free content on YouTube on these channels:

Film Rise YouTube Channel

A film acquisition and distribution company. The offering is not great but there are some less mainstream shows to watch:

Check out the FilmRise channel on YouTube

Timeline YouTube Channel

This is the same company I already mentioned with some solid quality documentaries. All free and with no ads.

Check out the Timeline channel on YouTube

BBC Documentary YouTube Channel

The channel was created in 2018 and yes, you guessed it, there are currently over 50 free documentaries you can watch along with some additional original content from BBC.

Check out the BBC Documentary channel on YouTube

BBC Earth YouTube Channel

This one has a more unusual format with playlists filled with shorter scenes but the reason I wanted to mention this channel is that they have some really cool 10 hour long “Oceanscapes”.

Check out the BBC Earth channel on YouTube

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime free movie selections: Daddy's Home 2, Iron Man 2, Baywatch, Transformers, Mission Impossible Fallout and a bunch more.
Amazon prime, while technically not free is great value if you’re already a customer.

So this one isn’t exactly free but if you are already shopping at Amazon and are ordering more than a few items a year it may be worth to consider their Amazon Prime subscription. It will give you free shipping options on many of your order as well as a bonus subscription to their now really large Prime Video library.

There is a lot of content as well some really solid quality original movies and shows that Amazon produced. Like I already mentioned if you already shop at Amazon this may be worth looking into.

You can check out their Prime Video section with all the free movies and tv shows that you would get with your membership:

Check out the Amazon Prime Video section here

Other ways to save money

Free movies are a great start but check out some other things you could be doing to save more money.