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Craigslist has just about everything, from used item listings to gigs, housing, services, personals and much more. In case you are still not able to find what you are looking for or would prefer a different experience, here is a list of some craigslist alternatives.

Below alternatives offer at least some of the craigslist functionality with a primary focus on finding bargains for purchase. Buying used items can save you quite a bit of money.

1. Locanto

If you are looking for a user experience similar to craigslist then Locanto is a site you might want to check out. Locanto uses a classifieds format that will feel familiar with very similar categories to what you can find on craigslist. The site is less text-heavy and features more images.

Buying on Locanto

You will find a huge variety of items for sale many listed by third-party vendors that will redirect you to another site to complete the purchase. But there are also plenty of second-hand items offered by private parties.

You can view the seller’s online status and when they registered but there is no other identity verification unless the seller opted to purchase the premium membership and verify their account.

Selling on Locanto

Posting items for sale on Locanto is free, you can register with your email or login with a google login. You will also be able to boost your ads by using one of three paid features:

  • Top Ad – will push your ad to the top of the search results and comes with further upgrades that can push your item for a given category, city or even above other paid ads.
  • Gallery Ad – shows your ad in a gallery that is displayed next to the search results
  • Premium Ad – gives your ad more prominence with a highlight, badge and no third party advertisements.

There is also a premium monthly membership that offers some additional perks and verification that could give the buyers additional assurance.

2. OfferUp

Just like the craigslist classified ads, OfferUp allows you to shop locally for a huge variety of listings. There are no services, just items. OfferUp site makes it easy to window shop with listings displayed as large cards with pictures as well as some unique innovative features to make the experience better.

Buying on OfferUp

A unique feature of OfferUp is shipping, some items can be shipped directly to your door or as a seller you can sign up for shipping. OfferUp also offers buyer protection for some of the issues that could occur with shipping.

Another interesting feature that makes OfferUp stand out is a Hold Offer. A Hold Offer allows you to hold an item by making a digital payment where OfferUp doesn’t release the funds until the item is inspected and both the buyer and seller agree on a final price.

Unlike craigslist this site makes it easy to view how the seller confirmed their identity (email, facebook etc). You can also see seller reviews, their sales, reply rate, and other stats to help you decide.

Selling on OfferUp

You will need to download the mobile app in order to sell your stuff on OfferUp but posting an ad is free and the app makes the process quick and painless. You can also take advantage of the shipping feature as a seller removing the need to meet buyers in person.

3. LetGo

LetGo has exploded in popularity mainly due to the ease of use of its mobile app. Now LetGo also has a website where you can search for stuff locally or list your used stuff for sale.

Buying on LetGo

You can find local items, filter by location, price and so on. When browsing items you can view the seller information and what social networks were they used to confirm their identity as well as see all the items they have sold in the past.

The site also allows you to save the items you favorite and view related or nearby items sold by other people.

Selling on LetGo

Selling on LetGo is free and it’s easy to post something for sale especially using the mobile app. You can snap a photo of the item, the app will attempt to automatically categorize it but both the title and description are optional.

The auto-generated title can at times be comically wrong so it’s a good idea to update it. I can say LetGo is one of better craigslist alternatives having sold a few of my own items through the app.

4. ClassifiedAds

A text-heavy site can be a bit difficult to read due to the layout and format of the text. It does have similar categories to that which you would find on craigslist making it one of the closest alternatives in terms of the user experience.

Posting an ad is free and it doesn’t require registration. But if you plan on posting more than one item you should consider registering to avoid having to fill in the contact details every time.

5. Decluttr

Unlike the previously mentioned sites, Decluttr is not a marketplace but instead a single hub for selling and shopping for used technology products. There are no third-party sellers instead you can buy refurbished electronics directly from Decluttr. They buy laptops, smartphones, CDs, games, and interestingly even LEGO bricks by the pound.

You will see items for sale listed with a condition rating ranging from Good to Pristine and most with a limited 12-month warranty as well as a money-back guarantee.

6. Facebook Marketplace

A site where Facebook users can buy and sell items of all kinds. There is everything ranging from cars to stickers and classifieds. You can also check out the Deals category where items from online stores are available at a discount.

When you list an item for sale Facebook Marketplace will use AI to suggest a price to help you sell the item quicker. But maybe the strongest point of Facebook Marketplace is that it allows you to easily leverage your existing social network for selling your stuff.

7. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is different from Craigslist in that it’s a social network for your neighborhood. When you sign up you can hear about issues going on in your area, neighbors can post questions, comment on issues, post about lost pets or pets they found.

You can organize events or just engage with your community and get to know people. It’s a good way to keep in touch with what’s going on in your neighborhood.

Nextdoor also allows people to post items for sale or items they want to get rid of for free.

8. Sell

Another site that has been around for a really long time is A classifieds site with a somewhat less intuitive layout and a look and feel more similar to eBay than craigslist.

Seller profiles have rating and length of membership, you can also view a seller’s other ads as well as individual ratings and reviews. To list an ad you have to pay a nominal set fee, which should help with the quality of the postings you will find.

9. ClaZ

ClaZ is a classifieds aggregator that links out to other sites making it easier to browse items from several sites all at once. According to the site it pulls data from over 1300 sources with several for each of the sections: Classifieds, For Sale, Vehicles, Housing, Jobs, Services and Community.

10. Oodle

The list of alternatives to craigslist could not be complete without Oodle Marketplace. The site has been around for several years. It has many shared categories with craigslist but is mainly a classifieds aggregator, pulling listings from other sites.

Some of the listing feeds come from eBay and result in many dead-end links. Others work but will redirect you to third-party sites.