This is a blog where I get to share my thoughts, wisdom, and advice about finance, things I have learned and implemented or are in the process of implementing.

I want to share topics that could help you reach your financial goals, learn new concepts and tips, avoid mistakes I or others have made. Become more efficient at what you are doing and have more time for the important things in life.

There is no single path to financial independence but I hope that some of the things you learn here will help you make some better choices along the way.


Because I’ve realized that I enjoy sharing knowledge even more than I enjoy learning.  And I do enjoy learning quite a bit.

I like taking concepts and breaking them down into condensed, practical nuggets of information that will raise your awareness on the topic. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people succeed, reach their goals and potential, or simply walk away with a new perspective.

It’s a journey to become more efficient at life, make better purchases, better decisions, save more while enjoying more, improve your life’s quality and still save for the future.