Dollar Peak is where we share our thoughts, wisdom, and advice about personal finance and economics. Things we have learned and implemented, and which can be useful to our readers.

We want to share topics are both timely and that can help you reach your financial goals, learn new concepts and tips, and avoid mistakes. We will connect the world of often-baffling economic news to the reality of money for most people.

There is no single path to financial independence, but we hope that some of the things you learn here will help you make some better choices. When you learn about money and can tackle your personal finance, you have more time for the important things in life.


Because most people are afraid of money. Not of having it, but of dealing with it. They think it’s tricky and complex. It’s not.

We will take scary concepts and break them down into condensed, practical nuggets of information that will raise your awareness and give your more power over your cash and your life. Nothing makes us happier than seeing people succeed, reach their goals and potential, or simply gain a new perspective.

It’s a journey to become more efficient at life, make better purchases, better decisions, save more, and earn more while also enjoying more, improve your family’s quality of life, and prepare for the future.

Who We Are

Jim Miller has an M.S. in Economics and has been a practicing economist for over twenty years in the private sector, government, academia, and the non-profit world. He also practices what he preaches, having retired (twice!) by 52 to pursue his passions and enjoy a less-hectic life.

Marcin Jackowiak has over a decade of experience working with Financial Systems and Payment Processing. He works as a Software Engineer in Higher Education. His interest in personal finance and helping people learn inspired this blog.